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Can France resolve tensions with the Muslim community?

Several mosques in France face closure as part of crackdown on religious 'separatism'. Source link

Rev William Barber: Americans didn’t vote to ‘return to normal’

Leading voice for social justice says Biden must reject 'centrist' compromises between progressives and conservatives. Source link

Negotiating with the Taliban: An inside view

We ask Afghan negotiator Fawzia Koofi about a deal with the Taliban and debate France’s controversial 'security' law. Source link

Is there a chance for peace in Afghanistan?

A deal between Afghanistan's government and the Taliban has been hailed as a breakthrough in peace negotiations. Source link

South Korea’s Spycams Exposed

As covert filming soars in South Korea, we join the hunt to expose spycams hidden everywhere, from schools to hotels. Source link

Bolivia: Exile or Return

What will the future hold for Bolivia and its former president, Evo Morales? Source link

Coronavirus or malaria, tuberculosis and HIV?

World Health Organization warns that the fight against COVID-19 is hampering efforts to combat other major diseases. Source link

Ghost Fleet: Battling slavery in Thailand’s seafood industry

A group of activists risk their lives to free enslaved fishermen working for Thai fishing companies in Indonesia. Source link

Brazil quarry causes hearing loss in Indigenous community

At an Indigenous reserve in Brazil, explosions from a nearby rock quarry threaten the community’s way of life. Source link

How will Indian PM Narendra Modi deal with angry farmers?

Farmers demand the repeal of agricultural laws they say will benefit only private players as they protest in New Delhi. Source link
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Collapse of illegal gold mine in Nicaragua traps at least 10 | Nicaragua

Crews begin work to rescue the miners after an accident in the La Esperanza region.A mudslide in an unlicensed gold mine in Nicaragua...

Likely fake accounts propel China tweet that enraged Australia | Australia

Some of the accounts had already been identified in a data-set of 37,000 Chinese accounts targeting Australia since June.A Chinese official’s tweet of...

Thai king pardons, issues amnesty to tens of thousands in prison | Thailand

At least 30,000 to be pardoned, 200,000 others to receive shorter jail term as the country marks birthday of late King Bhumibol Adulyadej...

Honduras asks US to extend TPS for citizens after hurricanes | United States

About 80,000 Hondurans in the US have Temporary Protected Status, which shields them against removal from the country.Honduras asked the United States on...